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Working with clients across the country. At Thompson Leadership Development, we create transformational leadership and build organizational excellence. Our courses and executive coaching empower teams to reach their full potential.

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“The biggest challenges in my leadership career were rarely about “the business”. They were about behavior and relationships between teammates. A laser focus on executive relationship leadership skills is the differentiating feature of the “Leading by Managing Self” course. If you show up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, you can learn precious capacities here, including how to grow teams and overcome high stake relationship challenges. In addition, the family leadership dimension of this course makes it stick for a lifetime.”
patty sheridan executive coaching
Patty Sheridan, SVP
Coix Health
“With the coaching of Mr. Thompson over the past two years, I have developed into a more mature individual. Through his coaching, I have become more adept at explaining myself to others and clearly presenting my expectations. I now have the opportunity to take the principles of Leadership Training into a new organization. It is very clear to me that the principles taught by Erik have helped as I take on a new leadership role."
Richard Pence executive coaching
Richard Pence, CEO
Solis Women's Health
“Erik is a student of human systems and understands how these systems affect each of us. He helps leaders learn to hold staff accountable in a supportive way, facilitate their own problem-solving rather than solving problems for them, and define success criteria in terms of what is in the best interest of the entire organization. I hope you have a chance to work with Erik, he has a gift.”
Nordahl Brue executive business coaching
Nordahl L. Brue, Founder
Brueggers Enterprises

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Our approach is not for everyone; it is for those with an exceptional commitment to leadership development. We require the highest level of commitment from our senior executives, and in return, we provide an exclusive path to leadership excellence.

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