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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

Erik functions as an expert listener, careful observer, and challenging questioner to help you hone your leadership strategy. Clients build dynamic and accountable teams, get out of your own way, and lead with deeper insight, clarity, maturity and courage. Along the way, executives learn superior coaching by experiencing it themselves first. Trying to transform your team without working on yourself is like going out for a long bike ride without checking the air pressure in the tires. Our primary clients are presidents, CEOs, COOs, VP-level executives, owners, managing partners, executive directors, and other senior-level leaders.

Coaching relationships typically begin with an exploratory telephone conversation, which is confidential and without obligation.

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shannon smallest

“Our growth trajectory has been aggressive and successful over the last few years and Erik has been instrumental in our success. During this time, Erik has worked with our senior team to develop a culture of accountability, self-awareness and flexibility in a challenging business environment. He also helped us recruit and retain a highly skilled and motivated management team. His sessions uniquely blend practical leadership skills with invaluable coaching on live leadership challenges that arise within our surgery centers. These skills Erik fosters are applicable to everyone, and strengthen one’s family life as well.”

Shannon Blakeley, Chief Operating Officer
Sutter Surgery Center Division, Sacramento, CA