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Family Business

Strengthening Family Business Leaders

We help senior family business executives, and their successors, become exceptional family business leaders.

The natural emotional investment between family members can make it hard to gain objectivity about overlapping professional and relationship challenges that emerge in the business. Both the business and the family benefit from the experienced neutrality provided by an expert family business leadership coach. Erik is a published family leadership scientist with 25 years of national coaching experience, resulting in lasting transformational results. As a volunteer, Erik cofounded and leads the non-profit Vermont Center for Family Studies, which trains expert family advisors.


Erik is one of a kind. It’s rare to find someone who is able to truly connect and is able to provide insights that are actionable and lead to smarter decisions and healthier teams. Erik helped us prevent some trouble, make our business stronger, and strengthened the future of our family bonds. Working with Erik was a win-win-win!
Ernie Pomerleau, CEO, Pomerleau Real Estate