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Leadership Course

Leading by Managing Self Course

Our course assists high performers to become better leaders.

Participants craft individualized, challenging, and highly practical leadership development experiments that they engage in between sessions. Together we develop a dynamic workshop, covering live leadership challenges. We take a hard look at participants leadership skills, uncover areas that impede success, and clarify opportunities for concrete improvement. Precision tools from the science of leadership are employed to drive individualized results. Each session begins with reports on these experiments, and a trusting and powerfully engaged learning atmosphere emerges.

Participants develop true partnerships and remain trusted advisors for each other long after the course is complete. The course concludes when participants lead a morning of “TED Talks” about their inspiring leadership growth with emerging leaders in the audience. Years later, these key learnings have become increasingly relevant.

Managing change is not a small subset of management and leadership; it may be the majority of management and leadership — and even if only 20 percent of a manager’s role, it may be 80 percent of her headaches. Change is every manager’s job every day.

– Paul Gibbons, The Science of Successful Organizational Change