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Erik Thompson, MA

Erik is the founder and president of Thompson Leadership Development, an executive coaching firm. Trained as a family psychologist, Erik spent his early career in clinical settings, using systems leadership theory to strengthen families, hospital leaders, and prison wardens. In 2005 Erik began working with senior executives and their leadership teams. He created the innovative Leading by Managing Self Course that has been taught at more than 40 companies throughout the United States. 

Erik is passionate about helping talented, inspiring people become extraordinary leaders of teams and organizations. His valuable and meaningful conversations with senior leaders led to the introduction of LeaderSight, an interview series on Zoom, with topics ranging from leadership succession, developing highly successful teams, the art of mentoring, to lessons learned from personal loss.

To meet Erik’s personal mission of investing in family health, he is a co-founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Vermont Center for Family Studies, an organization dedicated to helping family leaders foster stability, maturity, responsibility, and effective communication.

A 40 year practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, Erik enjoys reading classic fiction and watching high school basketball. He resides in the mountains of Vermont where he hikes with his wife Sarah and a brood of daughters, nephews, and nieces.