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Embark on a transformative leadership journey towards peak performance. Thompson Leadership Development guides teams on this path, igniting clarity, confidence, and collective potential at each turn. Witness the spark of transformation as individuals and teams reach their full potential, driving success for themselves and the organization.

Leadership Course

Our leadership course empowers high-achieving executives to reach new heights of leadership excellence. Create individualized leadership development experiments, explore group workshops that address real-life leadership challenges, and attain fair assessments of your leadership skills through group and individual executive leadership coaching.

Executive Coaching

1:1 executive leadership coaching with Erik Thompson allows dedicated leaders to navigate sticky leadership challenges and cultivate stronger, more reliable teams. This personalized coaching method targets challenges that impede success while fostering clarity and confidence in executive leaders.

Family Business

Gain objective insights into your family business dynamic from our expert family business leadership coach, Erik Thompson. Rooted in family leadership science, our family business coaching can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of any family business, from startups to multi-generational enterprises. Grow empowered senior executives, tackle succession challenges and planning, and strengthen the intricate bonds of your family business.

Team Development

Our team development services enable leaders to achieve new levels of emotional intelligence and maturity. By expanding your self-awareness and addressing the root of underlying issues that hinder team productivity, leaders deepen partnerships and are better equipped to develop and retain top talent. Our team development work usually includes our leadership course; we also offer facilitated retreats and group coaching sessions.

Peak Performance

Chronic stress can become a distraction, sapping energy and tanking morale. We help leaders focus on real, rather than perceived, threats and boost the overall mental well-being of participants.

Leadership excellence

Ready to unlock the tools needed to transform the success of your family business? Connect with us today for a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation. Discover how our unique blend of expertise and personal commitment can help your family business thrive for generations to come.

Client Testimonials

“Our growth trajectory has been aggressive and successful over the last few years and Erik has been instrumental in our success. During this time, Erik has worked with our senior team to develop a culture of accountability, self-awareness, and flexibility in a challenging business environment. He also helped us recruit and retain a highly skilled and motivated management team. His sessions uniquely blend practical leadership skills with invaluable coaching on live leadership challenges that arise within our surgery centers. The skills Erik fosters are applicable to everyone, and strengthen one’s family life as well.”
Shannon Blakeley executive coaching
Shannon Blakeley, COO
Sutter Surgery Center Division
“Erik’s thought-provoking sessions guided our senior management team back to proper focus – raising our own level of leadership and challenging our teams to grow.”
Chris rutledge executive coaching
Chris Rutledge, CEO
Gulf Winds Credit Union
“I do not think I could have achieved my recent promotion without participating in Erik’s leadership development program. In both group and one-on-one sessions with Erik, I learned to manage myself, manage reactivity, maintain emotional and intellectual objectivity, and relinquish attachment to a particular outcome. I learned to truly see how I was getting in my own way.”
Elizabeth Forman executive coaching
Elizabeth Forman, Associate Director