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Leadership Coaching Services

Gain the insights and expertise of a licensed leadership psychologist through our executive leadership coaching programs. We turn dedicated executives into exceptional leaders, enhance team collaboration, and give you the tools to overcome high-stakes relationship challenges.
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Team Development

Our team development services enable leaders to achieve new levels of emotional intelligence and maturity. By expanding your self-awareness and addressing the root of underlying issues that hinder team productivity, leaders deepen partnerships and are better equipped to develop and retain top talent. Our team development work usually includes our leadership course. We also offer facilitated retreats and group coaching sessions.

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Executive Coaching

1:1 executive leadership coaching with Erik Thompson allows dedicated leaders to navigate sticky leadership challenges and cultivate stronger, more reliable teams. This personalized coaching method targets challenges that impede success while fostering clarity and confidence in executive leaders.

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Leadership Course

Our leadership course empowers high-achieving executives to reach new heights of leadership excellence. Create individualized leadership development experiments, explore group workshops that address real-life leadership challenges, and attain fair assessments of your leadership skills through group and individual executive leadership coaching.

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Family Business Consulting

Gain objective insights into your family business dynamic from our expert family business leadership coach, Erik Thompson. Rooted in family leadership science, our family business coaching can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of any family business, from startups to multi-generational enterprises. Grow empowered senior executives, tackle succession challenges and planning, and strengthen the intricate bonds of your family business.

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Stress Management & Peak Performance

Chronic stress can become a distraction, sapping energy and tanking morale. We help leaders focus on real, rather than perceived, threats and boost the overall mental well-being of participants.

"I wish I had discovered Erik’s course earlier in my career. We have gotten exceptional value from investing in our emerging stars through his process."

Advance quickly with a proven expert

Erik Thompson, founder and president of Thompson Leadership Development, is uniquely dedicated to growing exceptional leaders. Trained as a family psychologist, Erik uses his understanding of the intricacies of human relationships to challenge emerging leaders to expand their definition of success. His “Leading by Managing Self” course has been embraced by over 40 companies across the nation, and his successful LeaderSight interview podcast has captured copious meaningful conversations with senior leaders.

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Why Work With Us

Designed for your organization

We have empowered exceptional leaders throughout the country across various industries. From insurance and law firms to health care and education to nonprofits, we adapt and curate our programs to the needs of your organization.

Science-based, experience-backed

Erik Thompson has perfected his method of executive leadership development and coaching. With 25 years of experience and a background in family psychology, Erik has mended scores of intricate business relationships and challenged hundreds of executives to push their definition of leadership excellence using leadership science tools and systems leadership theory.

Retain key talent

Our tailored strategies and personal touch create a culture that nurtures, engages, and motivates top performers, fostering loyalty and long-term commitment. By promoting trust, clear career paths, and meaningful growth opportunities, we ensure that key team members remain an integral part of your organization’s future success.

Drive business growth

Our programs empower leaders to make strategic decisions, foster innovation, and seamlessly address leadership challenges, setting the stage for expansion and long-term success. By enhancing leadership skills and promoting a culture of collaboration, we equip businesses to thrive in competitive markets and achieve sustained growth.

Our Process

Initial consultation

Whether you’re seeking in individual executive leadership coaching, group leadership development, or family business consulting, your first step is a conversation with Erik Thompson. Discuss your current situation, the leadership challenges you’re facing, and your desires and goals for yourself and your team.

Discover your program

Erik will then recommend the best program for you and will immediately begin curating your plan. He will outline your path to success and set clear expectations for your participation.

Learn, change, grow

Gain deep insights from Erik that deliver life-long value in your personal and professional life. Work directly with Erik to address challenges that are impeding your personal and organizational success while pinpointing tangible solutions to drive individualized results.

Our Clients

Serving recognized leaders nationally in a wide range of industries.

Client Testimonials

“Erik helped me master candid conversations which drove business growth in both our US and UK teams. All our team members brought outstanding talents and behaviors that decreased individual and team performance. His work with my direct reports expanded their performance through self-awareness, leadership maturity, and coaching of top directs. Erik helped release tremendous opportunities. The bonus surprise was that the skills we learned were remarkably helpful in our personal lives.”
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Arleen R. Thomas, SVP
“Erik’s thought-provoking sessions guided our senior management team back to proper focus – raising our own level of leadership and challenging our teams to grow.”
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Chris Rutledge, CEO
Gulf Winds Credit Union
“Tangible Results” or “Return on Investment” are not the terms I would recommend for defining the value of Erik’s coaching. They would require “marketing math” or “making stuff up”. The value in working with Erik is the clarity of strategic thinking he fosters and the courage to take bold action he unleashes. It’s impossible to quantify the ROI, but I assure you it builds a more successful future. Erik helped me gain a healthy objectivity about my business and my team. I could not have done without his help. How do you put a dollar value on being the best you can be? You can’t put a metric on that but believe me it’s tangible.
Ben Pearson coaching client
Ben Pearson, Owner