Executive Coaching

At Thompson Leadership Development, we follow an innovative and proven method that helps dedicated leaders acquire transformational skills to navigate sticky leadership challenges and cultivate stronger teams. The strategies you learn in our executive leadership courses will empower you to lead with unwavering clarity and courage and overcome personal obstacles that may be hindering your growth.

Meet Your Executive Coaching Expert

Erik Thompson will be your expert listener, meticulous observer, and challenging questioner. With years of experience working with senior executives at a growing number of recognizable brands, Erik motivates his clients through his personalized coaching method that addresses challenges that impede success while fostering a greater level of confidence in his clients. Thompson graduates lead with deeper clarity, maturity, and courage, having gained invaluable leadership skills for life.

Our Distinguished Clientele

Our primary clients include presidents, CEOs, COOs, VP-level executives, owners, managing partners, executive directors, and other senior-level leaders. Above all else, our clients recognize that leadership excellence takes dedication, personal growth, and a willingness to commit to a continuous journey of self-reflection and self-improvement.

Our executive coaching services are highly individualized to your unique needs and business goals.e dolor

Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Our executive leadership coaching relationship starts with a confidential, no-obligation exploratory phone call. You’ll gain insights into our executive coaching process, get your questions answered, and determine if we are a good match.

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Redefine your vision of success and grow into your true potential. Attain life-long skills that allow you to navigate high-stakes leadership challenges, further improve your team’s performance and retention, and curate a company culture based on accountability and integrity.

Our executive coaching program is your elite path to leadership excellence. Contact us today for a confidential, no-obligation conversation.

Client Testimonials

“Erik is not interested in cosmetic fixes. He engages his clients in a style that demands greater maturity from them. This comes through helping them take an honest look at themselves and how they are affecting others. His coaching is derived from a solid scientific model of human systems. He works best with clients who have the capacity for self-reflection, and a hunger for personal and professional growth. His gift is challenging his clients in a manner that they hear and respect. Engagements are not necessarily comfortable, but the benefits can be life-changing.”
John cammack executive coaching
John Cammack, Partner
King Cedar Holdings
“Erik is a student of human systems and understands how these systems affect each of us. He helps leaders learn to hold staff accountable in a supportive way, facilitate their own problem-solving rather than solving problems for them, and define success criteria in terms of what is in the best interest of the entire organization. I hope you have a chance to work with Erik, he has a gift.”
Nordahl Brue executive business coaching
Nordahl L. Brue, Founder
Brueggers Enterprises
“Erik helped me master candid conversations which drove business growth in both our US and UK teams. All our team members brought outstanding talents and behaviors that decreased individual and team performance. His work with my direct reports expanded their performance through self-awareness, leadership maturity, and coaching of top directs. Erik helped release tremendous opportunities. The bonus surprise was that the skills we learned were remarkably helpful in our personal lives.”
Arleen Thomas executive coaching client
Arleen R. Thomas, SVP