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Welcome to the LeaderSight podcast- where we believe leadership is a people game. One that can be played by anyone, anywhere…because leadership is an action by any party that helps your group meet its adaptive challenges.

We bring you successful leaders who have something special, leadership wisdom- and put them in a position to share that with you, unfiltered. To offer you their insight, foresight, and maybe even some 20/20 leadership hindsight to help you on your leadership journey.

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bob coaching client
Bob Noone, Ph.D.
Co-Founder of the Center for Family Consultation, Chicago; Faculty, Bowen Center for the Study of the Family
Leading by Managing Self with an Adult Sibling
Co-Owner and President, Leonardo's Pizza leadership coaching cleint
Sara Byers

Co-Owner and President of Leonardo’s Pizza

Leadership Lessons from a Soul Explorer

Mari McClure leadership coaching client
Mari McClure

CEO of Green Mountain Power

Leadership Presence

Mary powel executive coaching client

Mary Powell

CEO of Sunrun, and Former CEO of Green Mountain Power

A Leader’s Humanity: The Effectiveness Super Charger

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Former CEO, Green Mountain Power
2018 Vermont Business Of The Year
2015 Vermonter of the Year

How Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast


President & CEO, Green Mountain Power

Team Leadership and the Future of Energy

ted castle

Owner and President, Rhino Foods

A Cookie Dough Story: Doing Well by Doing Good


CPA, CGMA, Board Member,
Former Managing Director Americas & Global Offerings, AICPA

A Leader Pivots Toward Joy

Erik Thompson

Interviewed by Johnathan Rubright

Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Coaching Leaders


Farmer, Lawyer, Founder – Bruegger’s Bagels, Start-Up Investor, Vintner

How Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast


Clinical Director, Endoscopy Center of Santa Rosa

The Art of Building Teams



The Fine Art of Mentoring


President, Pomerleau Realestate

A Succession Journey


President, Pomerleau Realestate

Losing Loved Ones: Lessons Learned


President, Pomerleau Realestate

Life Lessons from Loss 2: The Gift of Trust


High School Principal

The Power of Culture: Lessons from a High School Principal


VP Ofice of Research, NBME

Leadership is About Relationships


Founder, ENALAS

Leading By Transparency


President & CEO, Gulf Winds Credit Union

For the Business to Grow, the CEO Must Evolve


President & CEO, Care Communications

Crowded Together but Further Apart:
Leading Together Through Anxious Times


Retired VP, T. Row Price

The Inner/Outer Game of Leadership

Client Testimonials

“As I reflect back on the past years, I think about how much Erik’s course helped guide me into who I am today. I know he won’t take all the credit, but thanks to Erik, I can reflect and focus on what is in my control and how to better handle critical situations. I am very thankful to have Erik as a listening ear that gives me the honest feedback that I NEED to hear, even if it’s not always what I WANT to hear.”
stacey holt executive coaching
Stacey Holt, Manager
Gulf Winds Credit Uniones
“Working in a family owned business can be very challenging. Erik’s coaching gave me a clear picture of myself and how I needed to change. I gained insight, knowledge, and strategies of great value, which I use on a daily basis. Erik has helped me to function as a true leader in my company.”
Cheryl Fowler executive coaching
Cheryl Fowler, cFO
Monroe Ambulance
“Erik provides a laser focus on relationship leadership and management of self. He takes into consideration the role we play in different scenarios, understands our challenges, and offers tools you can use anywhere in your life. He has helped me step outside the battle, and view the situation from the strategic hill. I can think calmly, quietly, and clearly about the business goals. Erik customizes his knowledge to what we need. Thanks to Erik, our team has been able to strengthen both external and internal relationships. The atmosphere of patience and accountability that we have created enabled us to become less defensive, less reactive, and more confident. Our relationships grew into trusting productive partnerships. As an executive, Erik is worthy of your trust. If you let him in, he becomes the trusted advisor who is always going to tell it like it is, with your best interests in mind. You may not always like what he says, but you will value it immensely.”
Michael decker executive coaching
Michael Decker, vP

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