Executive Leadership Course

Our executive leadership courses empower high achievers to elevate their leadership prowess, developing agility and resilience to navigate change, pivot strategically, and keep their teams moving forward. At Thompson Leadership Development, our highly effective Leading by Managing Self course equips you with the tools and strategies to inspire your team, and drive impactful results.

A transformative journey

Our program goes beyond conventional leadership training. Participants embark on a transformative journey where they craft personalized, rigorous, and highly practical leadership development experiments, which they actively engage in between our sessions. Together, we establish a dynamic workshop environment that delves into real-life leadership challenges. We conduct a thorough assessment of each participant’s leadership skills, identifying areas that may hinder their success while pinpointing tangible avenues for improvement. By leveraging precision tools from the realms of leadership science, we drive individualized results.

Fostering trust and partnerships

Each session commences with an insightful review of these experiments, fostering a trusting and powerfully engaged learning environment. Participants forge genuine partnerships, evolving into trusted advisors for one another long after the executive leadership courses conclude.

Enduring wisdom and life-long value

Our program culminates in an inspiring morning of “TED Talks,” where course participants, and soon-to-be graduates, share their leadership growth journeys with emerging leaders in the audience. The invaluable insights shared during these presentations become increasingly relevant as the years go on, providing enduring wisdom and life-long personal and professional value for the leaders of today and the future.

“The biggest challenges in my leadership career were rarely about “the business”. They were about behavior and relationships between teammates. A laser focus on executive relationship leadership skills is the differentiating feature of the “Leading by Managing Self” course. If you show up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, you can learn precious capacities here, including how to grow teams and overcome high stake relationship challenges. In addition, the family leadership dimension of this course makes it stick for a lifetime.”

Leadership excellence

In order to be successful in this course, high-performing leaders must be dedicated to honest self-reflection and open to cooperative collaboration. In return, you will receive the skills and tools necessary to grow into an exceptional leader, gaining life-long advisors and driving transformative results.

Take the next step toward becoming a motivating executive with our executive leadership courses. If you’re ready to commit to leadership excellence, reach out today for an initial consultation.

Client Testimonials

"Do any of you work with leaders that are missing key relationship skills? Do you feel like you have plateaued yourself? I have and I did. I was lucky enough to be selected for the Leading by Managing Self course; my CU sends a class of about 6-8 every year. It was life-changing. Erik (owner/founder) rewired my brain and helped me learn how to “lead from self”. These are the skills that many people fail to understand resulting in failed relationships. Honestly, these lessons are more important than anything college class; they are life-lessons that are just as crucial at home as they are at work. After going through the program I’m confident this is why my CU has strong, mature leadership team."
Mitchell Olinsky leadership coaching vermont
Mitch Olinsky, VP
Gulf Winds Credit Union
“I do not think I could have achieved my recent promotion without participating in Erik’s leadership development program. In both group and one-on-one sessions with Erik, I learned to manage myself, manage reactivity, maintain emotional and intellectual objectivity, and relinquish attachment to a particular outcome. I learned to truly see how I was getting in my own way.”
Elizabeth Forman executive coaching
Elizabeth Forman, Associate Director
“I benefited greatly from my work with Erik during a complex organizational challenge involving staff at many levels and full of triangles. Erik always challenged me to bring my A-Game. Through his thoughtful questioning, Erik helped me see my leadership challenges from multiple perspectives which led to better outcomes. Erik’s persistence and reflection on my thinking helped me find solutions that I believe were positive for all involved. He employed a range of strategies during our work together, including dialogue, role-playing, asking probing questions, discussing analogies, bringing research into the analysis of the issues, and sometimes just listening as I worked through an item. I have very high regard for Erik’s intelligence, skillful strategic thinking, professionalism, and integrity.”
Craig mills executive coaching
Craig Mills, SVP
National Board of Medical Examiners