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Client Testimonials

“Our growth trajectory has been aggressive and successful over the last few years and Erik has been instrumental in our success. During this time, Erik has worked with our senior team to develop a culture of accountability, self-awareness, and flexibility in a challenging business environment. He also helped us recruit and retain a highly skilled and motivated management team. His sessions uniquely blend practical leadership skills with invaluable coaching on live leadership challenges that arise within our surgery centers. The skills Erik fosters are applicable to everyone, and strengthen one’s family life as well.”
Shannon Blakeley executive coaching
Shannon Blakeley, COO
Sutter Surgery Center Division
“Effective leadership wasn’t something that came naturally to me when I met Erik almost two years ago. The misconceptions I had about influencing and encouraging others were holding me back from establishing the professional culture that my manufacturing company so desperately needed. Erik’s insightful coaching gave me the tools I needed to develop a management style that was accountable and supportive without losing the ability to hold others to account. Erik taught me that a leader has the responsibility to minimize the effect of emotional immaturity on an organization. This is the guiding principle that I am now working to instill at every level throughout our company.”
John Thrailkill executive coaching
John Thrailkill, CEO
Advanced Illumination
“The biggest challenges in my leadership career were rarely about “the business”. They were about behavior and relationships between teammates. A laser focus on executive relationship leadership skills is the differentiating feature of the “Leading by Managing Self” course. If you show up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, you can learn precious capacities here, including how to grow teams and overcome high stake relationship challenges. In addition, the family leadership dimension of this course makes it stick for a lifetime.”
patty sheridan executive coaching
Patty Sheridan, SVP
Ciox Health